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Your satisfaction is our goal. Contact us if you have questions.

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Easy to use, peace of mind.

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Create the tests you need. The UTESTE platform puts you in the driver seat. If you have questions, we can help you get answers. It's that simple. Configure a simple test or get help from our tutorials.

Quick & Easy

Select from a range of question types. Use our tutorials to guide you. You will be shocked how quickly your test will be online. And, users will be pleased at how easy it is to respond.


Spend your time developing tests and looking at the results - not working with the infrastructure. Our ultra-affordable UTESTE platform does the work for you - saving you time and money.


The UTESTE platform has been built to handle high traffic easily. If you have questions or special needs, contact our service team to get the help you need.

Areas of Practice

Learn and Test

Put your learning materials online, let employees or even public study and provide a test to reinforce what they have learned. It's easy for you to keep tracking their performance.

Certification Test

Host professional online test and award certification base on your criterias. You have many options to config a test.

Candidate Filtering

Receiving too many resumes? Human resources professionals can create online personality tests, quizzes etc, or even just ask common questions to filter out candidates.

Sharing Knowledge

uTeste is not just for professionals, you can host your own test and share knowledge with friends or public. Over Internet and social networks, you can reach many users

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